One of the Sub- branches of Amad Group have been recorded at Iranian Companies  register in Tehran.

 Having more than twenty years of experience in the field of customs affair. Consulation, trading services, realeasing goods through skilful staffs and also possessing an active branch in Bandar Abbas and different active agencies in the southern ports of Iran. We are proud to release and transport all of the import/ export consignments of the honored traders and manufacturers within the least time and suitable price.

We,at Amad Zarin offer the following facilities:

- Trading, Banking and customs affair consulation.

- Presenting best and quick services in order to release the goods through all customs of Iran. (permanently and temporary).

- Complete trading services from registeration of goods up to the delivery at destination.

- Import of raw material , machinery , spareparts and equipments for manufacturer.

- all kind of export services.


Contact us:

(Headqurters Add.):                                                                               

Third Fl, No. 15                                                                          

Shervan Alley,Valiasr Ave, Tehran, Iran                                          

 Tel.fax: +98 21 88772262                                                             

             +98 21 88881972                                                                

 +98 21 88872319


 Bandar Abbas Branch Add:

third Floor, Shahab building,

Delgosha  cross, Imam Khomeini Blvd.

Bandar Abbas , Iran

Telefax: +98 761 2228188





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